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Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Christopher Morrison is an award winning photographer and a part of At-Edge's advertising group living in the heart Toronto with his wife Genevieve.

Publications : Schön! Magazine, Glassbook, Superior Magazine, Remark, Grashure Mag, Lucy, 2017 Singal Portrait award for Applied Arts, Wonderlust.

Clients : Cartel, Hockey BrotherHood, Mform, PonyRide, CIBC hale group, Cougar Boots, The Right Hand Gal, Miik, M&C, sly&co, Home Shopping Network, Ardene, Ookpik, Battlefit, BrandandMortar, Amazon, GaryM, Marmara, Baden K9, Beauty & the Beach, Gussy & Co, Ciao, Mark Silver, Artizan, Pennington's, The Shoe Box Project, REV...